Septic Tank Cleaning

Schedule a one time or regular inspection and cleaning of your septic tank to help maintain efficiency and functionality of your system.

Pump Repair & Replacement

A good working pump chamber will control floats using a high water level alarm and automatically send effluent into the drainfield.

Septic Repair & Installation

Whether you're in need of a new installation or repairs to a current system, Herb Shaw Sanitation Services can handle all of your septic needs.

Risers Installation

Installation of septic tank risers to allow easier and better access to your tank for routine inspections, cleanings, and pumping.

Tank Cover Replacement

Covers that have been worn out or damaged need to be replaced. Herb Shaw offers septic tank covers and lids specific to your needs.

Filter Cleaning & Replacement

A clean, good working septic tank effluent filter helps prevent clogging and ensures that only liquid goes into the drainfield.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Keep your business or restaurant running smoothly with regular grease trap tank cleanings, repairs or installation.

Electronic Tank Locating

Find the exact location of your septic tank using an electronic drain pipe sensor fed into the main house drain line.

Water Treatment Wastewater System

Your septic system should also have a proper wastewater system that's specific to your household size, soil type, weather, and lot location.